About us


Welcome to our site www.GrandFleur.ru

GrandFleur or Grand Fleur is French for - "Big Flower" or "Grand Flower".

We are a group of talented decorators, florists and managers, who united in 2014 to make our dream true: fulfill beautiful orders for our clients in different parts of the world . We can undertake projects of any complexity.



Photography: Olga Veschikova - Home Decorators GRANDFLEUR, florist, talented woman.

                          Marina Dolbenkova - Chief Project Manager GRANDFLEUR and GRANDMARIAGE  

 Photograph: Andrey Konovalov

We are engaged in:

  • Wedding decoration (decor, floral)
  • design activities at various levels, koorporativnyh parties, presentations
  • design of shopping centers and storefronts stores
  • New Year's decoration and design for the holidays of different directions
  • VIP registration (registration with the participation of florists and decorators with a worldwide reputation)


                                                            Team of dream GRANDFLEUR:  Viktoria, Margarita, Natalia, chef of decor Grandfleur  Olga  and Aleksei



Today, we are working in two countries , Russia and France . But this is only the beginning, we are expanding our borders.

Mission of our company are located in two of the most beautiful cities in Europe: St. Petersburg and Paris .

Nevertheless, we are ready to work throughout Europe and Russia. The possibilities are endless, our, and the most talented artists come to work at your event. Our creative team is working since 2005 to have no concept of the standard of work, each individual work.


The main principles of our work:

  • focus on the client's wishes
  • creativity in the framework of the pre-specified concept
  • performance of work under budget and a predetermined estimate


Who are our customers:

Individuals, Wedding agency, Consulates, Trade fairs, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels ...


For work we use only fresh flowers specially imported from Holland for us, our special supplier of flowers for your event. Accessories for your celebration chosen specifically for you by our decorators worldwide.


On our site you can see our portfolio and feedback from our customers .


We look forward to working with you! Call us and our manager and (or) decorator florist will come to you at the meeting.


Sincerely yours, the team GrandFleur!