December 15th, 2015, Consulat général de France à Saint-Pétersbourg


Here is a letter from the Consul General of France in St. Petersburg Thibaut Fourrière which expresses his gratitude for your support to the Consulate General during the Christmas charity fair, which took place on December 6 in " Taleon Imperial Hotel " .

Have a nice weekend!

attachée de presse – пресс-атташе
Consulat général de France à Saint-Pétersbourg


November 23rd, 2014, Consulat général de France à Saint-Pétersbourg


Once again, thank you very much from all of us for your big help with the fair! We were thrilled by all - from the decoration certificates to the bewildering stand design that Olga made, and the stunning photos of the photographs. I really hope that in the future we will have more opportunities to work with you. Personally, it was a great pleasure. Now, by the way, the Consulate General of France is decorated for Christmas by what was at the Fair - the cute mini Notre Dame and St. Basil's Cathedral and the very beautiful Christmas tree =)


attachée de presse - press - Attache
Consulat général de France à Saint -Pétersbourg

September 8, 2014, Irina and Vladimir

Dear Olga, it was a real pleasure to find you. I have never before met such an individualized approach. You have an amazing talent to embody all wishes and offer many unique things! No wedding I attended showed such an attention for the details.

Thank you for our Italian wedding Sept. 8, 2014. You certainly  made our day absolutely unforgettable and touching !!!


August 30, 2014 Tatiana and Ilya

Olga, thank you very much for the excellent design of our wedding august 30, 2014! You do feel the individuality of each couple and reflect it in your work! Because of this, our wedding was unique, special !! We and all the guests were thrilled! Thank you !!!

Ilya and Tanya


August 27, 2014 Anastasia and Ivan

Olga, Thank you very much for your work! When we saw how everything turned out, we were very happy. Everything was done very tastefully, with love, with taste! Thanks again for the wonderful design of our watermelon wedding on August 27th 2014! Everybody was ecstatic !!!


August 2011 Galina and her husband

Olga, thank you for your love of your work and your talent .... Very nice to talk with you and obtain the results :) My bouquet was the most beautiful ever! And the tent was beautifully decorated. And about your work for us in the restaurant, I have no words! Chic!

Galina and her husband