White poppies style wedding

Elements of designWedding
Main colorsWhite, Gold

Valentine's day decoration

SubjectValentine's day
Elements of designRomantic
Main colorsRed, Gold

Christmas decoration Meat Head

SubjectChristmas and New Year
Elements of designNew Year
Main colorsWhite, Green

Christmas decoration Paradise cafe bar

SubjectChristmas and New Year
Elements of designNew Year
Main colorsWhite, Gold

Forest style wedding

Elements of designMoss, trees, bilberry, cones, mushrooms, birds, forest animals
Main colorsNatural colors

Winter's Tale

SubjectWinter wedding, Christmas, New Year
Elements of designHandmade flowers, Crystal birds and much more
Main colorsTurquoise

Peacock wedding

Elements of designBirds, Peacocks, Tree branches, Gold cages
Main colorsEmerald and Gold

Musical wedding

SubjectMusical wedding
Elements of designMusical Instruments, Angels
Main colorsGold and milky White

Autumn romance

Elements of designCages for fabulous birds, Angels
Main colorsMilky white and Orange

Wedding in the English style

SubjectSherlock Holmes
Elements of designLace, Coffee, tree branches, Furniture
Main colorsBlue, burgundy, brown, scottish plaid

Elven wedding

SubjectElves at your wedding
Elements of designHandmade Elf dolls
Main colorsOlive, brown, light Milk

Charity Christmas Fair at Hotel Astoria

SubjectFrench and Russian Christmas
Elements of designHandmade Mini Fireplace, handmade Christmas toys, Papier-Mache Figures, poinsettias
Main colorsGreen, Red


Still Frame

SubjectLove and Cinema
Elements of designSweets, Photos
Main colorsPink, Chocolate

Wedding in the style of Oscar

Elements of designSt. Petersburg lanterns, chandeliers, mirrors, umbrellas, Crystal Veil
Main colorsOrange and Turquoise


Wedding Baroque

SubjectRussian tsar
Elements of designAngels, Fretwork, Fabric, handmade flowers
Main colorsBordeaux and Gold

Wedding in the Russian style

Elements of designPumpkin, honey, apples, Russian souvenirs, Spice and all that helps to plunge into the atmosphere of the "Russian soul"
Main colorsOrange, Brown

Wedding in marine style

SubjectPurple pearl
Elements of designCeramic fish, pearls, shells, Paper Lanterns
Main colorsViolet

Pushkin's wedding

SubjectRomance in Pushkin's times
Elements of designCrystal, Lace, Angels, Hoop, a book  of Pushkin, Tapestries, Candlesticks, gun-toys, antique boxes
Main colorsBrown and light milk, silver


Hotel Astoria

SubjectHotel Astoria
Elements of designPhoto Zone and Candy-Bar
Main colorsCoral, Milk

Christmas decoration

SubjectChristmas and New Year
Elements of designNew Year and a various styules
Main colorsWhite, Red, Green


SubjectCranberries in sugar
Elements of designCages for magical birds, hoop, Lace, handmade Fretwork, Angels
Main colorsColor Cranberry


Cottage romance

SubjectWedding at the "Dacha"
Elements of designTable plates, romantic birdcages, Whistles, Birds
Main colorsLilac and Pink


Spinning discs

Elements of designSequins, Guitars, Plates
Main colorsCyclamic

Chocolate Marshmallow Coffee

Elements of designGrains of coffee, chocolate, marshmallow
Main colorsLight Vanilla, Brown


Love boat

SubjectLove story
Elements of designhandmade Teddy bear, Airship
Main colorsPeach Mint

Commercial design

Elements of designdepend on the event
Main colorsdepend on the event

Italian wedding

SubjectItalian love story
Elements of designNatural grape, apples, pomegranates
Main colorsPink and Purple

Aerial wedding

Subject Wedding on the coast of the Gulf of finland 
Elements of design aquarium with live fish, Decorative candle holders, Airships handmade from fresh flowers, hats, pennants
Main colors Pale Blue, Sandy

Spring romance

SubjectSpring Awakening
Elements of designHandmade airships, Umbrellas, Shoes, Birds, Natural fabrics
Main colorsLight pink

Vanilla wedding

SubjectHotel Astoria
Elements of designPhoto zone and Candy-Bar
Main colorsCoral, Milky white

Watermelon wedding

SubjectLovely Russian August
Elements of designWatermelon, Hoop, Lace, Straw, Natural fabrics
Main colorsWatermelon